Courtney Love guilty of stealing jewelry?

                            Guilty or not?

Courtney Love isn't exactly the poster child for outstanding behavior, but her antics may have gone one step too far this time. The actress is being held accountable for the disappearance of some pretty expensive jewelry (around the $100,000 mark) that mysteriously went missing last year. Apparently Love borrowed two diamond chains, a pair of diamond earrings, and a white-gold cuff bracelet from Jacob & Co. for a charity event at Cipriani's, but failed to return the items to the store. Of course, the Hollywood starlet pleads innocent to the whole thing and says it wasn't her fault. Love claims she totally intended to return the merchandise to the store, but before she had a chance to drop them off the hotel workers lost the bag that happened to contain said jewelry. After realizing the pricey jewels were missing, Love filed a report with the New York Police Department in hopes of recovering the lost items, but to no avail.

So the fashion-loving singer was only able to send back the white-gold cuff bracelet, but not the other pieces (even though she had signed an agreement with the store promising to return ALL the borrowed items). But a Manhattan judge wasn't buying the sob story and ruled Love is responsible for all of the jewelry, so she needs to pay up. However, the judge also decided that she may be able to pay less than the store is asking for after further negotiations, so the exact sum has yet to be determined. Either way, it looks like the rocker will be free to steal another day (because you know she's totally guilty).