The life of Apple genius Steve Jobs is to be turned into a Hollywood film.

Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography is being snapped up at an astounding rate by excited fans across the world, and now the inevitable conversion of the book into a Hollywood film is well under way. After Sony Pictures acquired the film rights to the book soon after Jobs’ death, speculation began to heat up about who might be involved with the project. The latest name being attached to the film is Aaron Sorkin, the writer of The Social Network and Moneyball, reported The Los Angeles Times Blog. Will he be keen to take the reigns, and would he be a good fit?

Considering it. The Los Angeles Times spoke to “a person who was briefed on the project but not authorized to speak about it publicly”, who said Sorkin is “considering the prospect but has made no decisions.”
“If you’re going to turn a non-idiotic book into a non-idiotic movie, and the central character is some kind of against-the-grain man, then you can only turn to one person for help with this script: Aaron Sorkin”, wroteNYMag.
A perfect fit. With Sorkin’s previous work, he has shown a penchant for dealing with enigmatic figures, so he may be a perfect fit for the job. The Huffington Postcalled Sorkin the “logical” choice, and it is known that Sorkin was fond of Jobs.Mashable said the writer has a “strong relationship with Sony” after The Social Network and Moneyball, so he could be keen to work with the studio again.
Or maybe not. This project may bear too strong a resemblance to Sorkin’s previous work, cautioned Mashable. The fear of “typecasting” could dissuade Sorkin, who “may not want to be pegged as a writer of geeky drama.” The Los Angles Times article said the project could be a bit “sticky” for Sorkin, coming so soon after Jobs’ death.