Justin Bieber need help in Geography!

Justin Bieber might have beentraveling the globe because of his fame, but it apparently doesn't help him with geography. The "Mistletoe" singer struggled to name all the seven continents when his knowledge is put to a test during an appearance on "Late Show with David Letterman". 

When Justin boasted that he thinks he's "been to every continent", hostDavid Letterman asked him, "How many continents are there?" Responding to the challenge, the 17-year-old pop sensation began to list them one by one. "Asia, North America, South America ...", he said with a brief pause in between. "Um, Africa, Antarctica and the North Pole."

Rather than answering with a number, cocky Justin confidently began to reel off every one, saying: "Asia, North America, South America, erm, Africa, Antarctica and the North Pole. ....."Err, Canada."David interjected: "There are two more, come one. These are easy ones. You've been to both places."Justin replied: "Oh, Australia. And the last one is........"To fill the silence, the host then chipped in with a clue: "I'll give you a couple of countries in the last continent – France......"Finally Justin twigs, saying enthusiastically: "Europe!........"David said: "I understand why you have to do other shows, but here you actually learn something."