Hot Actress Hollywood

Tamil actresses have always been very popular with people. The madness about these actresses can be assessed by the fact that there are some heroines who are treated literally like goddess. Like any other goddess they have devout fans who want to build temples in their name. The name of Khushboo and Namitha can be taken in this regard. The presence of these hot actresses is enough sometimes to bring audience to a movie. And if you look at these actresses, you will find that they defy every norm of beauty.

Most of them are voluptuous enough to be called over-sized. But fans revere them. The reason is that men there like the women who are a bit fleshier than normal. As the age old saying goes, beauty is in the eye of beholder. And in South India the women having right amount of flesh at right places are preferred and are seen as ultimate beauties.

One more thing about these actresses is that the career span of an actress in Tamil cinema is far wider than their Bollywood counterparts. Even senior actresses like Simran, Rambha, Meena are in great demand not just of character roles but also for glamorous roles.