Hot Pics Pictures

When my husband told me that we were headed for a hot springs park, I thought the early winter had got the better of him. Who would strip down to their swimsuits in 10-12 degrees Celsius temperatures?

As it turns out, a hot springs park is perfect for the winter because the husband, the toddler and I were refreshed, rejuvenated and raring for a return!

The Riyuegu Hot Springs Park and Resort in Xiamen boasts about 150 hot springs pools, team adventure rope course facilities and a spa.

Did he mention the word "spa"? That certainly got my attention.

Riyuegu is made up of three Chinese characters, meaning "sun" (ri), "moon" (yue) and "valley" (gu) respectively. In its entirety, "Riyuegu" refers to a valley with beautiful things in the world.

Having visited hot springs in Malaysia and Thailand, I was prepared for an au naturel environment of craggy rocks and slippery stones. Instead, Riyuegu is a modern facility equipped with 5-star facilities and staff.

The Superior room we booked was spacious, tastefully furnished and equipped with its own hot springs granite tub. Hot springs right in your hotel room! A note indicates that ONLY the ceramic tap with the red marker runs the natural hot springs water while the other taps ran, well, tap water. Discolouration marks on the tub were due to the granite's natural reaction to the hot springs water.