Is Tom Cruise dating Jennifer Akerman?

Has Tom Cruise fallen for the sister of his Rock of Ages costar Malin Akerman?
The Rock of Ages star sparked romance rumors when he was spotted cozying up to Jennifer Akerman last week at the afterparty for the Stockholm premiere of his crime drama flick Jack Reacher
Tom Cruise flirta con Jennifer Akerman?

According to the U.K.'s  The Sun, Jennifer and Tom "hit it off naturally," as they spent time together at the event at Rose club, laughing and chatting with each other throughout the night. 

But was the duo's chat fest nothing more than casual convo? This one is…
So false!
A rep for Cruise told E! News rumors that Tom and Jennifer are dating are not true. 
"The whole thing is completely ridiculous," a source told E! News. "Jennifer was there with her whole family who were cropped out of the picture. She happily lives with her boyfriend in LA."
"She is barely older than Suri!," the source also joked. 
—Additional reporting by Marc Malkin
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