Francois Hollande finally visits First Lady!

Francois Hollande finally visits First Lady a WEEK after she was taken ill following cheat revelations.ScandalL-hit French President Francois Hollande has finally visited his First Lady in hospital a week after she was taken ill following revelations that he had cheated on her.
The 59-year-old head of state was smuggled in to see Valerie Trierweiler in Paris, said aides desperate to prevent him looking “cruel and heartless”, as his other lover denied she was pregnant.Ms Trierweiler checked into hosptial after allegedly taking “a pill too many” to cope with shock revelations of Hollande’s secret visits to film star Julie Gayet, 41.

 The actress broke her silence to deny rumours she was four months pregnant by father-of-four Hollande by phoning a radio station to say “it is not true”.Ms Gayet has been in hiding since revelations of the President riding to see her on the back of a moped at night.Hollande’s aides would not reveal the mode of transport their boss used to visit the Pitie Salpetriere hospital.They would only say he had now “seen her in person”. Until then they had only spoken by phone.Mr Hollande told a press conference on Tuesday he would make his mind up about the First Lady by February 11 – when he is due in Washington to meet President Barack Obama and his wife, First Lady Michelle.But French public opinion could well beat him to it.