The most beautiful celebrities over 40!

There are some people who no matter how old are look stunning! Speaking about age, it does not really matter if one is 40 or more years old when it comes to having a sizzling swimsuit body. Truly the advancement of medicine and cosmetic surgery has made the age 40 years old as the new 20. Check out this list of Hollywood celebrities over 40 who still have the best swimsuit bodies.
1. Gwyneth Paltrow  (age 41)

2. Jennifer Aniston  (age 45)

3. Sof√≠a Vergara (age 41)

4. Jennifer Lopez (age 44)

5.Sandra Bullock (age 49)

6.Halle Berry (age 47)

7.Gwen Stefani (44)

8.Julia Roberts(age 46)

9.Rachel Weisz (age 44)

10.monica bellucci(49)