Rihanna Poses Naked!

Rihanna's never exactly been the shy and retiring sort what with her serial flesh-flashing whilst wearing as little as possiblebut she's upped the ante (and then some) for a new photoshoot by forgetting to put any pants on.

Well, to be fair, it could happen to any of us.The ‘diamonds’ singer stripped down to her bare bottom for a photo shoot with a French magazine, showing off that hot body in a seductive pose that will make you take more than a second and third look.The Barbadian beauty raised the heat in Hollywood Hills where the shoot took place, dressed in just a bikini she went down on all fours, bottomless, her butt in the sky and even had a guy pouring water down her body!
And if that wasn't enough, RiRi - who did manage to just about remember to wear a top (of sorts) - then proceeded to get on all fours and push her pant-less, tan line-heavy bottom into the air during the shoot in LA.
Oh, and the award for the easiest job in showbiz goes to the guy who was in charge of pouring bottled water over the singer's perfectly-formed derriere.