Jennifer Lopez has received the title of Woman of the Year from Glamour magazine. She previously won People's Most Beautiful earlier this year.
Most Beautiful? Okay. Woman of the Year? Absolutely not. When did it start becoming okay to give people certain recognition just because they had a sh*tty year? Let's go over everything Jennifer Lopez went through this year.
-American Idol
- A weird commercial of her driving around in a fiat in the Bronx
The only reasonable project she has achieved this year is her new Kohl's line and her new judging role on American Idol. Does that mean that if Susan Boyle sat next to Randy and Steven Tyler and put out an album in one year she would be titled Woman of the Year? Thought so.
Jennifer Lopez has been mainly known this year because of her public split from Marc Anthony and currently with Bradley Cooper trying to swoon her on dates and outings. There is no reason that Lopez should be given this recognition. The person chosen doesn't necessarily need to be someone who's made extraordinary accomplishments of the year 2011. They just need to be someone who has been a constant and has done at least something to leave an impact.