Who runs the state? Girls

The gender division was once so pronounced that little ten year old Edward VI was made King over his sister Mary I. How the tables have turned since Wills and Kate tied the knot. Now, in the breakdown of old traditions, the leaders of the 16 commonwealth countries, of where the Queen is head of state, have agreed to change the succession laws.
This means that if Wills and Kate have a baby girl as their first born, she will be the future queen of England.
David Cameron, who hosted the meeting, has stated that the old succession law was “at odds with the modern countries we have become”.
Many would say that the scrapping of the royal succession laws, which date back to over 300 years, is long overdue.
Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, said “You would expect the first Australian woman Prime Minister to be very enthusiastic about a change which equals equality for women in a new era”.
The changes were made at a summit in Perth, Australia. The ban of the monarch being married to a Roman Catholic was also lifted. Scotland’s first minister Alex Salmond showed his support for the radical move, admitting “it is a missed opportunity not to ensure equality of all faiths when it comes to the issue of who can be head of state”.
The cumulative effect of each small step we take is a giant footprint for equality. God save the Queen!