Rome parties as Berlusconi quits

People celebrate with an Italian flag after Premier Silvio Berlusconi resigned in Rome, Saturday. AP photo

Rome - Car honking and dancing in the streets greeted the resignation of Silvio Berlusconi as prime minister in Rome on Saturday, with thousands waving Italian flags and holding up "Bye Bye Silvio" signs."Buffoon! Buffoon!" the crowd shouted as the scandal-tainted Berlusconi arrived at the Italian president's residence to officially submit his resignation, with some shouting: "Mafioso!" "Piece of shit!" and "Prison!"Demonstrators sprayed each other with champagne and hugged in the square outside President Giorgio Napolitano's residence as the news of Berlusconi's official resignation spread, cheering: "Long live Italy!" and "Finally!"An impromptu chamber orchestra played Handel's Messiah as a choir sang "Hallelujah!" and passed music sheets around so the crowd could join in."Ciao! And above all don't come back!" shouted one man.