Hot Pics Gallery

1. Brazil: Ana Paula Araujo

Why her? Because she is a real Brazil girl. Most of the so called "Brazilian models" look like girls form Dusseldorf. Nice pics on: Her painted body: Extremely hot photo on: In an elegant dress: And a killing gallery: She was born in 1981 in Roraima. She has worked for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and Liz Claiborne. She's 1,77 cm tall, has brown eyes, and brown hair. She drinks in London, Milan and Paris usually. Her hobby is capoeira. 1,420,000 pages in Google mention her name.

2. China: Du Juan

Why her? Because she has really slanted eyes. She's not half Chinese, half "I want to be white woman". And she's not playing a 12 year old girl, like what many far eastern women do. It's an option for Lewis Carroll and Polanski perhaps. Some nice shots: She was ranked 14th on Her face has twice graced the cover of Vogue. She was born in 1982 in Shanghai. She's 180cms tall, has brown eyes, and dark brown hair.

3. Ukraine: Daria Werbowy

Why her? Because besides having some great shots by first class advertisers she looks pleasant even in regular pics shot on the street. Just a girl next door with a strong gaze. What's more I was looking for a Polish top model, but almost all look like cold Germans, so I've moved more East. There are some nice pics on Well, she has a Ukrainian passport, but now I see she was born in Cracow. So I won't cancel Poland from my list forever. Eastern spelling of her name is nicer: Dariya Verbova. She was born in 1983, lives in Canada. She didn't' want to be a professional model, just treated it as a way to earn money for education. She has a little bit too intelligent a facial expression to be an ordinary hot model.