Hot Pics Wallpaper

Not only was there great talent but actor Michael Winslow (Police Academy...) was an extra surprise for the audience encouraging the entertainers and announcing there is a Police Academy 8 coming soon and left us with a few of his famous "sounds" Also, national recording artist SAMSON who has a new hot release with Joe ready to hit the stores in a few weeks wowed the crowd with his soulful voice. SAMSON most recently could be seen in the play "CHEATERS". SAMSON has been in lots of plays over the years including hit play "Why do good girls like bad boys". Currently his hot video "Atmosphere" is being played on all the music video channels and much more.

"PIPER's Pics" star Legendary Rick James protege ISREAL "is*real" The Pied Piper laid down the funk (E*klec*tic P-Funk) and had the audience dancing to "PIPERSVILLE", "It's a party", "Baby Please' and wooed the ladies with "G-Spot"!

"PIPER's Pics" first season winner representing his title "The Duke of Rhymes" Cleve Payne rocked the stage with rap songs "Countrified Poetry" and "So many leaves falling from the trees".

Phenomenal dancer "Faustus" defied gravity and left the audience mesmerized with his matrix style of popping. You haven't seen anything until you seen Faustus live in action. Faustus also has a school in New Jersey for up and coming dancers.