Hot Pics

Grindmaster hot powder specialty beverage dispensers come in a series with a variety of sizes and dispersing configurations. The smallest in the series is the PIC1K. For its 7 inch wide size this single flavor unit has a large, attractive backlit merchandiser graphics that displays Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate or Soups "dressed" to be served right away. This brightly lit ad creates impulse sales. The direct product control allows the user to dispense any drink the retailer chooses. Among the possibilities in addition to the first three could be instant coffee, an instant tea, steamers (steamed milk) or hot spiced cider.

This unit has a patented safety-rib on the dispensing nozzle and that patented safety rib on the dispenser nozzle offers a generous 7" cup clearance that assures cups from catching on the nozzle. The dispensing style is manual from a 6.5 pound hopper while the dispensing machine runs on 120 volt and pulls 14 amps. This unit weighs 48 pounds and is UL and NSF listed and it comes with a 15 amp cord.

The PIC2 and PIC 3 series have two 5 pound hoppers and a 3.5 gallon size tank and three 5 pound hoppers with a 3.5 gallon size tank respectively. Both remain relatively narrow at 12" wide. These dispensers are manual and have two single portion controls and three single portion controls for any specialty hot drink the retailer may choose.

The PIC 4 Series has three 5.5 pound hoppers and one 11.5 pound. Focus Flavor™ hopper with the standard 3.5 gallon tank. One option offers three portion sizes per head plus a "top-off' amount while another option offers hot water along with the four portions. Like all the other models it has easy to change graphics and easy access to lighting. This unit is 16.5 inches wide and 32.5" high.

The PIC 5 in the series has five 5 pound hoppers and comes with a 5 gallon insulated tank that runs on 75 watts for peak demand. This unit also offers an 8" cup clearance and is 20.5" wide. The drain tray on this unit will hold 1.5 gallons so it can be emptied less often. The PIC 5 and PIC 6 also have optional "island graphics" for the sides of the dispenser that offers 270° of attraction-getting viewing.

The PIC 6 in the series has six 5 pound hoppers and a 5 gallon insulated tank size. This model also offers 8" of cup clearance under the six patented safety rib dispenser nozzles. A curved panel and cup guide on the tray allow for easy self service on the PIC 5 and the PIC 6. Both PIC 5 and PIC 6 have a place to dispense hot water.