Megan Fox shows off her Tutting skills!

MEGAN Fox shows off her boobs as she throws some shapes on the dance floor.The sexy star is dressed in a skimpy vest top and tiny hot-pants as she dances in a behind-the-scene video from the comedy This is 40.She hits the floor with co-star Leslie Mann in a nightclub scene – in which they pull some burly hockey players.

Earlier this year, it was impossible to go to a club without seeing someone reeling out the now infamous Gangnam Style dance.But coming in to 2013, there is a dance craze which is once again sweeping the world - Tutting.
And celebrity who has already mastered the moves is Megan Fox, who demonstrates the routines as she lets rip with some crazy steps in upcoming movie This Is 40.
The Judd Apatow comedy follows on from Knocked up, focussing on couple Pete and Debbie – played by Paul Rudd and Leslie – a few years on.The featurette shows the two actresses having dance lessons before the club scene, as the 26-year-old brunette explains it was not as much fun as it looks.

She says: “That was outrageous the amount of dancing we did. We were just dancing puppets.“Then just when you think it’s over, you’ve been doing it for two hours and you’re sweaty – you’ve got two and half more hours to go.”
Director Judd – who is married to Leslie and has two daughters who also star in the film – tells Megan do ‘Do your tutt thing’ before revealing the star’s signature dance floor move.This is 40 sees the Transformers star showing of her boobs on several occasions.
In one scene she strips down to her bra as Leslie cops a feel to check that they are ‘real.’The movie is released on Valentine’s Day.