Tyler and Catelynn are still together!

The ‘Teen Mom’ fan-favorite couple reached a breaking point last month when Tyler refused to come home for Thanksgiving – and they almost called it quits for good. Read on for all the details.
Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and her fiancé Tyler Baltierra shocked fans everywhere in October when they announced that they were living apart – and Tyler would be hundreds of miles away for at least a month.
Tyler was staying in New Orleans to pursue a career in acting – he said the city had a budding film scene, and he was auditioning for parts in commercials – while Catelynn was at home in Michigan at their newly-purchased house, going to Baker College and taking care of the couple’s two dogs.
The couple, who has been together for seven years and made it through the toughest of times, including placing daughter Carly up for adoption in 2008, insisted their time apart wouldn’t much impact their relationship. But they were wrong – and almost called it quits.

Behind Their Social Media Blowout

“Tyler wanted to stay in New Orleans longer because he had some job possibilities lined up, but I was pushing him to come home for Thanksgiving,” Catelynn told InTouch magazine. “I guess I pushed him a little too hard,” she added.
Their argument resulted in a heated Twitter exchange, during in which each person sent cryptic tweets to the other.
“Your heart lies to you, tells you what you want to hear… it’s your guy that never lies,” Tyler wrote on Nov. 18. “Sometimes I feel like I’m totally f—ed up,” Catelynn responded.
Tyler hit back with “What is right for me? What do I deserve? Am I too forgiving at times?”

 Calm After The Storm

But Tyler immediately regretted his harsh words. “I thought I blew it out of proportion way too fast,” he confessed to the magazine.
“We’re just a normal couple. We’re not the perfect princess story; we get in arguemts and we say things that we regret. We apologize and move on,” he said.
Tyler ended up coming home to his fiancé for Thanksgiving, and the two have been together for the holidays at their house ever since. Tyler plans to work from their Michigan home and fly to New Orleans for big meetings if he has to.
“Every Christmas we’ve had, it has been at our house,” Catelynn said. “It’s always a fun time. Christmas is huge here. We go crazy,” Tyler added.
We hope they have a very happy holiday!