Justin Bieber "Nothing Like Us"!

Justin Bieber is days away from dropping Believe Acoustic, but fans are getting an early taste of what's on the January 29 album.
On Friday (January 25), Bieber teased fans with the release of a live, acoustic version of "As Long As You Love Me," where he's joined by guitarist Dan Kanter, who co-produced the acoustic release with Bieber.

A couple of the tracks have also leaked ahead of the album's official street date, and given what Bieber is singing about, the album is bound to get some buzz. The songs do address some of the pitfalls of fame and growing up in the public eye. "Yellow Raincoat" is a rather mature-sounding slow jam that sounds an awful lot like a John Mayer ballad, with the focus on Bieber's more deeper voice and acoustic guitar.
The song not only seems to address relationship strife, but also all kinds of personal drama tied to celebrity. During the track, he croons, " 'Cause the fame, and the money, and the girl will drive you crazy/ Another he said, she said, I'm thinking maybe/ Just put on... I'll put on my raincoat, my yellow raincoat/ Baby it's keeping me dry."
It's not the only track that Bieber is waxing philosophical on. "Nothing Like Us" is also a ballad, this time the focus is solely on a breakup.

The piano-driven slow jam and the opening lines will certainly have people talking. He sings, "Lately I've been thinking/ Thinking about what we had/ I know I was hard/ It was all that we knew/ Have you drinking to take all the pain away?/ I wish I could give you what you deserve."

"Nothing Like Us" and "Yellow Raincoat" are two of the never-before-released tracks on the album. "Nothing Like Us" was produced and written solely by Bieber, while he got some help from Tom Strahle on "Yellow Raincoat." "I Would" is the other new track to make the acoustic cut.
The leaks haven't been confirmed by Bieber, but ahead of the release he did let his fans know on Twitter that this album would get real. He tweetedearlier this week, "now #6DAYS until i answer all the questions - #BELIEVEacoustic."