Taylor Never Ever Getting Back Together With Harry Styles?

Earlier this week a source exclusively told us that Taylor Swift was planning a big birthday surprise for Harry Styles in an attempt to win him back.

Is it over? Is it really over for good?
With all this together, not together, together business, our heads have been spinning over Taylor Swift’s relationship status with Harry Styles.
OBVIOUSLY we knew Haylor fell apart recently, but now we're 99% sure Haylor will never ever exist again! Like, ever.
(Though we still have a 1% hope if they run into each other this weekend in Cannes!)
But for now… go ahead and cry for Haylor …or cheer!
Swifty dropped the bomb on El Hormiguero while discussing her latest single We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Again. She said:
“I think once a relationship is done it’s done, you can’t do that back and forth thing it’s the most exhausting process.”
Tell us about it!
We’ve suspected that tune is about Jake Gyllenhaal, but it definitely also applies to her most recent back and forth One Directionescapade.
Plus, little Harry doesn’t quite seem able to handle what Taylor wants as she revealed her ideal partner:
“I think you have to have somebody that’s dependable, that isn’t going to change their mind every five seconds.”
Do you think Harry was flip-flopping on Taylor?
Well, he is only 18 years old. That’s what they do!
Looks like we can start the game of who is Swifty going to date next?!
That is of course… unless she changes her mind if and when they bump into each other this weekend in Cannes! Just to reiterate!