Shocking video:Baby saved by miracle!

A BABY narrowly escaped death after being flung in front of a lorry following a car crash in Russia, in an incident captured on the dashboard camera of a fellow driver.
Whatch the video!.

The footage, which emerged today, shows the one-year-old girl being thrown out of a Mitsubishi car when its driver lost control overtaking another car. The baby landed in the path of a lorry on a road near Nizhny Novgorod, western Russia.
For a second it looks like the child will be flattened and killed as the vehicle approaches - but it misses her. She is then rescued by the Mitsubishi's driver Dmitry Aliev, 53.Police said the baby had been put on a blanket on the rear window shelf instead of being strapped into a car seat.According to the Daily Telegraph the girl was treated in hospital for bruises and a concussion after the crash on Sunday but was not seriously injured.
Moments after the accident (which took place on a highway near Nizhny Novgorod in Western Russia), the unidentified girl was then scooped up from the asphalt by the shaken-up driver, allegedly her father. Russia law enforcement claims that the driver, 53-year-old Dmitry Aliev, was attempting to illegally pass another vehicle when the crash occurred on icy road conditions. Apparently, the young child was initially placed on a blanket on the parcel shelf under the rear window of the vehicle rather than being properly strapped into a car seat, resulting in her being propelled out of the back window.
According to reports, the baby girl was rushed to the hospital and treated for bruises, a minor concussion, and a damaged lip. She is safe and expected to fully recover.