Taylor Swift and Harry Styles kissing in public!

Looks like we'll be seeing a lot of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' relationship in 2013!The young couple, who recently vacationed in Utah, shared a kiss in Times Square at the stroke of midnight, and of course, Twitter was there to document the liplock. In the pictures, "Haylor" are seen embracing and and sharing a romantic smooch.  
If ever there's a night when it's ok to have a huge snog in the middle of a massive crowd, then it's New Year. The rest of the year we'd call it a PDA and feel a bit uncomfortable about it, but on 31st December/ 1st January, the rules are OUT OF THE WINDOW. It's New Year, snogging's positively encouraged.
...as someone clearly told Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. Because here they are going for it in Times Square after Taylor's performance there last night.
Harry's all snuggled up in his wooly hat, and Taylor looks cosy in a cardie. What a nice snuggly kiss this is.
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Taylor Swift took the stage on Monday night to performI Knew You Were Trouble on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2013.
But she was able to steal a kiss from One Direction sweetie Harry Styles at the stroke of midnight, a moment caught by this fan photo, which is spreading quickly on the Web.
Earlier in the night, Harry was spotted attending Jay-Z and Coldplay's New Year's Eve Concert at the Barclays Center before heading back to Manhattan to catch Taylor's performance, reports Just Jared.
At the end of the day, Harry and Taylor — or "Haylor," as fans are calling them — were spotted hand-in-hand while entering their hotel.
Meanwhile, 2013 promises to be special for Swift, who loves the number 13. She tweetedon Monday: "There are 13's EVERYWHERE. This is PERFECT."