Kim Kardashian responds to Seth Rogan and James Franco's spoof!

Last week, Kanye West released a fairly racy, potentially brilliant video he made with his fiancée Kim Kardashian for the track “Bound 2,” which involved a lot of scenic vistas, wild horses, and makeouts on motorcycles. The video quickly made its way across the internet shortly after its premiere on The Ellen Degeneres show, in numerous posts that boiled down to “Holy Crap Kanye West Is on a Motorcycle With a Topless Kim Kardashian.”
James Franco and Seth Rogen decided to parody the earnest (and slightly cheesy) video in a shot-for-shot recreation they called “Bound 3.” Franco takes on West’s role, donning a near-replica of the rapper’s original shirt, while Rogen goes topless in the place of Kardashian, lounging topless on the back of a motorcycle — and yes, making out with Franco. (It also uses an unedited version of West’s song, so be prepared to watch Franco lip-sync the n-word.)
Kim Kardashian had just four words for Seth Rogen and James Franco...
"Nailed it! Sooo funny!"
Franco and Rogen were the heroes of the Internet today as the duo released a parody version of Kanye West's new music video, "Bound 2." Calling their version "Bound 3," Rogen and Franco presented a shot-by-shot remake of the video with themselves in the roles of Kim and Kanye.
And yes, that means that Rogen is shirtless and making out with Franco. And yes, it's perfect.
Bound 3! James Franco and Seth Rogen premiered their hilarious shot-for-shot dry-humping parody of Kimye's Bound 2 video on Facebook Monday
Kim clearly loved the send-up, as she retweeted Rogen's original tweet presenting the video with her message of support.
Even better, she and Rogen had a bonding moment over the difficulties of straddling a partner in a motorcycle. "Thanks!" Rogen wrote to Kim. "Some of those positions were really uncomfortable. That s--t is harder than it looks."
Probably also harder than it looks: Making a parody video that is literally shot-for-shot exactly like the original. YouTube users have already started putting the two videos side-by-side to show how similar they really are:
Obviously, we're obsessed. And so is Twitter, with fans and celebs alike showing love for the parody. That includes Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino, who asked Rogen to have his babies, and The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev, who gave a simple review of "LOLOLOLLL dying."
This isn't the first time the Kardashians have been parodied: Vine has been a source of spot-on Kardashian impressions, including this little girl's pretty accurate impersonation ofKourtney Kardashian.