Naomi Campbell mugged on a Paris street!

Naomi Campbell was mugged more than a month ago in Paris, forcing her to use a wheelchair and crutches, the New York Post reports.
Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been spotted around New York being pushed in an electric wheelchair and using crutches, hobbled by an injury suffered in a November mugging on a Paris street.
Campbell was targeted by thugs as she tried to get into a car in the French capital, the New York Post said in an updated report. Knocked down during the attack, she reportedly suffered a torn ligament.
Those "thugs" were actually two bikers, according to Le Parisien, which tracked down a police report on the Nov. 21 incident in front of the home and workplace of designer Azzedine Alaia, a longtime associate of the 42-year-old model.
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  • The target was apparently the model's bag, which the muggers were not able to snatch. She reportedly refused emergency care at the time.
Campbell's billionaire boyfriend of five years, Vladimir Doronin, spirited her off to Vail, Colo., for treatment by an orthopedic specialist, the Post said, and has upped security around her.
Before Le Parisien's information emerged, the Daily Mail had questioned the story, saying there were no police records of the incident from December and quoting a source who said the idea of Campbell hailing a cab, as the Post originally reported Thursday, was "laughable." The first Post report was vague about the date of the mugging, saying only that it happened "over a month ago."
Naomi's not sharing details, telling the Post only that she doesn't talk to the media but that she is "fine." Her rep also declined to comment.